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Tips on Canadian Northern Pike Fishing

Fishing for Canadian Northern pike could be a unique journey just because it may be one of the easiest fish to catch even in the event you wouldn't have costly equipment. In truth, many excellent Canadian Northern pike have been caught utilizing inexpensive lures that will fail to bring in other fish.

It by no means hurts to try with the massive lures first. If, nonetheless, your expensive Rapalas and different lures simply are not doing the job, do not pack it in and head off the water for the day. Try and attempt bringing out that underused and ignored lead jig and give it a try. It's possible you'll discover that if you're using lures like lead jigs to catch other fish, you will truly find yourself with northern pike on your hook and coping with a heck of a fight.

It may be a good suggestion to attempt a variety of lures when fishing in pike country. Try utilizing lures similar to crankbaits, plugs and spoons in a wide range of completely different sizes. You can too attempt a jig if these lures don't seem to be doing the job. It's extra necessary to work inside a pike’s mindset rather than within the lures that you simply think will work.

You want to ensure that when you are choosing a lure that it's going to stand out visually from the water that surrounds it. Not like other fish, pike are likely to hunt using very keen eyesight. This means that they will reply most favorably if they can see what a lure appears to be like instead dealing with the scent of the bait within the water. Because of this, you may discover that color can influence your chances of success as well.

When making an attempt to bring in pike, consider using lures that are red, yellow or white in color. You may also discover that glow in the dark lures are also going to offer you a high chance of success. This is especially true in case you are fishing in murky or soiled water that may obscure a unique sort of lure. Simply just remember to pair your lure with a leader because you'll need the additional power to deal with the force of a good strike. The last thing you need is for your line to break.

Rubber tails are sometimes a sensible choice in terms of pike fishing. They are straightforward to vary making them very handy if you assume that you can be switching lures frequently while on the water. The very last thing you wish to be doing is spending time switching lures when the others in your boat are reeling of their catch.

Be sure to begin fishing alongside weed beds and use a much bigger jig than you'll for other fish. In case you pair this with a sluggish retrieval and add in just a little jerking motion you may find that you just reel in an excellent fish that would be the talk of the camp.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Canada Walleye Fishing - Ice Fishing Tips and Tricks

If you love fishing for walleye you will be happy to know that the fishing can be just as good when the ice has covered the surface as it can when the rivers, lakes and bays are wide open. However, it is important to learn as many techniques as possible since walleye can often become wise to what you are doing and will tend to strike less if you use the same fishing techniques again and again. Switching it up can help renew their interest in what you are doing and cause them to strike more frequently.

Three of the most successful lure types for walleye happen to be airplane jigs, other styles of jigs and spoons. When you have a wide variety of these lures in your tackle box you will be able to switch them out quickly and easily and keep the fish looking for your next cast.

If you are like many anglers, you likely enjoy using airplane jigs. These lures move through the water in a horizontal fashion and their jigging action is something that can attract many walleye that may not be interested in striking any other type of lure. It can be helpful if you stock your tackle box with a wide variety of these lures and switch them out to keep the excitement level up so that the strikes continue.

Try varying the size of your lures too. When ice fishing, it can actually be a good idea to use a larger lure than you may otherwise have thought to bring out. If the frequency of the strikes does not pick up you can always try to dial back the size.

One option to try is the plastic tail. There are many different sizes and styles and if they are a glow in the dark model they may attract a lot of walleye. The movement of a glow in the dark tail through dark water may bring in a surprisingly large number of strikes. If they don’t seem to be helping you can always switch back to your tried and true lures.

If you are open to the idea of glow in the dark tails, why not try glow in the dark jigs and lures too? These, along with flashing lures, may allow you to fish well before dusk and still bring in fish. They can also work well in dirty water such as lakes, rivers and streams.

When you get out on the water it can be difficult to know where to start. If you try your favorite lure combinations you may find that fishing will still be good, but don’t worry about switching things up a bit. You may be pleased you did.

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