Monday, January 3, 2011

A Delicious Easy Salmon Recipe

In case you love salmon that is one recipe that's certain to become a favorite. Each time I have served it to guests (and I have a tendency to do so often), I've had somebody ask me my secret. It is no marvel; this recipe produces fish that is stuffed with taste and really moist as well. Not like some recipes where the fish is cooked without any coating, this fish is cooked with a coating of sauce that not solely imparts a variety of taste to the fish however seals within the moisture.

After I inform folks the easy methodology for cooking this salmon recipe it makes it even more appealing. This can be a dish that can be thrown together at the last minute and cooked rapidly, making it just as nice for a busy weekday night as it is for a leisurely weekend meal with relatives and friends.

What is very nice about salmon is that it works effectively with so many flavors. Though this dish does have some garlic taste in it, there are such a lot of different flavors that the garlic isn't as obvious as it can be in different salmon dishes. This makes it nice for somebody who likes a garlic tang that is far more delicate and diluted.

This recipe will taste greatest if served with a strong white wine or any other drink that has quite a lot of flavor to it. A skinny white could be lost and could also be overpowered by the brown sugar and cayenne pepper. This can be served in one giant piece for an impressive looking meal or it may be divided into smaller parts although you should definitely range the cooking time appropriately.

Ingredient List

1 fresh fillet of salmon check to make sure pin bones have been eliminated)
Your favorite honey garlic sauce (sufficient to coat the fillet)
Light brown sugar
Sufficient cayenne pepper to attain desired level of heat and spice
Parchment paper to line baking sheet

To Prepare:

Use a cookie sheet that's big enough to include fillet. Cover up backside of sheet with a large enough sheet of parchment paper that the underside is completely enclosed. Place fillet or salmon parts onto parchment paper, ensuring that the skin side is down. Using a spatula, spread honey garlic sauce over salmon fillets or fillet portions. Take pinches of sugar and sprinkle over surface of fillet. Add enough cayenne pepper to the surface of the fillets that the desired heat degree is achieved.

Bake in 375F oven for 12 minutes. Broil fish for further 2 minutes. Fish shall be finished when it flakes with no trouble with a fork.

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