Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fenwick Fishing Rods Review

More than fifty years have passed since some associates got together in a double garage and set about making a fishing rod company. Who could have imagined that the outcome can be the high quality rods that Fenwick Fishing Rods is known for producing? Right now the high tech rods are among the hottest in North America. They are a wonderful selection for anybody who is considering freshwater fishing.

Phil Clock is the reason for turning Fenwick Fishing Rods into the profitable business they're today. Clocks love of fishing and boundless energy mixed to create a company that has helped many fishermen catch fish. Due to Clock, Fenwick Fishing Rods is without doubt one of the most profitable manufacturers of freshwater fishing rods.

One of many explanations for the success of Clock's company lies within the man's capacity to see what fishermen would count on from their freshwater rods. In the course of the '70's, Clock's instincts informed him that the time was coming when fishermen would require more strength from their rods. That's the reason he added graphite to Fenwick's rods. Fenwick Fishing Rods was the very first company to make the change from all fiberglass rods after they launched the HMG, and fishing rod made entirely out of graphite, to the world. Anglers instantly fell in love with the efficiency and productivity of the graphite rod. Ever since the presentation of the HMG, nearly the entire freshwater fishing rods manufactured within the United States have at least some graphite.

Right now, the Fenwick rod that is getting an excessive amount of consideration is the Fenwick HMG Trigger Stick Rod. This is a medium action freshwater fishing rod. It has a crank-bait rod and is both light-weight and tough. Fishermen who take pleasure in a rod with both control and power will benefit from the Fenwick HMG Trigger Stick Rod. This rod is great when fishing deep water, big lakes, and in streams. The trigger stick has lair like sensations.

Any angler who's excited about small-mouth bass can have a troublesome time finding a better rod than the Fenwick HMG Trigger Stick Rod. The rod may be lightweight, but it's designed to hold whilst the fisherman wrestles the small-mouth out of deep water and heavy cover.

The handle of the Fenwick HMG Trigger Stick Rod is 100% pure cork. The cork is rather snug to handle and slip resistant.

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